Thursday, February 23, 2006

Leverage Telehealth to Earn More Referrals

Liz Powell, COO of the VNA of Western Pennsylvania presented a very effective program on how their agency has used telehealth in increase referrals, improve patient outcomes, and grow the bottom line. This was a delightful program for me because VNA of W. PA. in Butler, PA was my second home health care client when I started working with home health agencies back in 1982. (The first was the VNA of Venango County in Oil City, PA)

Liz Presented a Step-by-Step case study of how they did it:
  • Set Goals
  • Select the right system ( VNA uses HomMed)
  • Implement a Home Health Model
  • Work out the logistics
  • Develop Marketing Strategies to Assure Success
  • Allocate Funds for Marketing
  • Define Target Markets
  • Create Marketing Materials
  • Select Target Markets

The results of their program:

  • Referrals to the agency increased by 22%
  • Home Health PPS visits per episode decreased from 19 t0 11
  • Nurses were able to carry larger case loads
  • Census increased with the same number of nursing staff
  • ER visits decreased 61.7% for CHF patients
  • Rehospitalizatin decreased by 65.9% for CHF patients
  • The agency made an amazing financial turnaround

For more information on this program, visit their web site:

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