Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Physician Perspective: What Doctors Really Want Before Sending You Patients

He did it again! My good friend, Dr. M. Tray Dunaway blew them away with the opening keynote presentation at the Home Health Line Power Referrals conference in Las Vegas today. Dr. Dunaway is a surgeon from Camden SC who now helps physicans improve their coding, and home health agencies that want to build relationships with physicians.

Tray has a powerful speaking style that includes original songs that he sings during and in closing his programs. He also is able to communicate in very creative ways how we can better understand the needs and wants of physicians.

He used the metaphor of the relationship with your spouse in understanding how to get closer to doctors. He talked about the first date, follow up dates, going steady, getting engaged, and marriage.

He suggested:
  • Strategically choose the physicians you will seek out
  • Be choosy. Don't go after everyone
  • Create two lists: Must Haves, and Relationship Breakers
  • Identify the top quality candidates
  • Learn to recognize the "diamonds in the rough"

Dr. Dunaway made many other powerful points:

  • "Facts tell - emotions Sell"
  • Clinical excellence is assumed. They buy based on how good you are at who you are and how you make them feel.
  • With regard to quality data on Home Health Compare: "If you don't provide your own value interpretation, someone else will do it for you."
  • Clinical Excellence + Customer Service Excellence = Success in a long line of referrals
  • Physician time is your biggest obstacle. Physician information overload is your second biggest obstacle
  • A Physician's behavior is determined by his or her "Emotional Intelligence."

He then focused on identifying and communicating with "Opinion Leaders" in the medical communityl. The most efffective mode of chaning physician behavior is academic detailing to physician leaders.

For more information, visit Dr. Dunaway's web site:

Also, visit our web site to order a copy of a brand new audio CD program on Building Relationships with Physicians, with Stephen Tweed, CSP and M. Tray Dunaway, MD, FACS, CSP.

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