Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Find Physicians who work in Home Health Care

Want to make contact and build relationships with more physicians who work in home health care? Take a look at the web site of the American Academy of Home Care Physicians. This professional society provides information, education, and networking for physicians who work in, around, or about home health care. Many of them have medical practices where they actually make home visits.

One of the things you will find of particular value is their AAHCP House Call Network. This is a list of physicians in home care organized by state and city. Take a few minutes to look at this site and find the home care physicians working in your service area. You may find a great relationship and a new source of referrals.


The organization also provides education for home health agency medical directors, information for nurse practitioners, and a caregiver assessment tool. Take a look. It seems like a valuable resource for home health care leaders.

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