Tuesday, April 18, 2006

AARP Survey Says Seniors are Satisfied with Medicare Prescription Drug Plan

A new survey released by AARP finds that most of the elderly who are enrolled in the new Medicare prescription drug coverage program called Part D are satisfied with the program.

The elderly advocacy group says 78% of those enrolled in Medicare Part D say they are satisfied. The findings are somewhat surprising given all of the reports of Medicare beneficiaries having problems with the enrollment process.

AARP Director of Health Strategy Cheryl Matheis explains, "Before Medicare added a drug benefit, more than half of those in the program either lacked drug coverage or had inadequate coverage that did not protect them from high out-of-pocket costs. The new plans fill a critical need for affordable prescriptions drugs".

As of March 2006, over 27 million of a total of 42 million eligible people are enrolled in a new Medicare drug plan. Of those surveyed who had prescription drug coverage before 2006, 63% reported their new Medicare drug plan is either better or as good as their previous coverage.

Only 17% said their new coverage is worse than what they had in 2005 and in prior years.

What are you finding with your home health care clients? Are they enrolled in Medicare Part D? Are they satisfied with the coverage? Let us know what you are seeing by adding a comment below.

See the Survey Report from AARP:

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  1. Anonymous2:21 PM

    All I can say is that AARP must not have interviewed any senior citizen in my neck of rural America, or any care provider, for that matter. This implementation has been so "hole-y", it is appropriate that one needs prayer to get it done efficiently, correctly and, foremost, understandably. If you find a satisfied senior, they probably either have a "gap" policy also, or have not yet reached their "donut hole" in their coverage, or take fewer than 4 medications on a routine basis. I know that most program beginnings are often fraught with similar problems, and that eventually straighten out and flow smoothly. The first part I can vouch for; the second, I seriously doubt will ever occur in its current shape.