Thursday, April 20, 2006

Home Care Information Network Introduces Web Seminars by Stephen Tweed

Tom Williams, Home Care Information Network CEO and publisher of Home Care Automation Report, announced Monday that his company has released 11 web-based seminars from Stephen Tweed. According to Williams, this brings the total number of on-line seminars already available on HCIN to 25, just a month after launch of his video streaming venture. “We launched HCIN in mid-March with our special offer on Lisa Selman-Holman’s Coding seminar series and our Revised HHABN seminar, and we are pleased to add Stephen’s sessions to our expanding content library. Stephen is a very popular speaker at state and national conferences, and home care executives will now be able to conveniently view his seminars at the office or home.” A complete listing of current and upcoming HCIN seminars, including excerpts from each speaker, is available at

Teaching administrators to expand, Stephen Tweed is CEO of Louisville-based Leading Home Care and is past president of the National Speaker’s Association. He has produced eleven seminars for HCIN that are available as individual modules or as part of his Private Duty or Planning seminar series. “Stephen’s seminars address a number of very timely topics,” Williams said, “particularly for home care companies that are trying to grow their business or expand their presence in the rapidly growing private duty market.”

“We already have 19 ‘partner states,’” Williams commented, “and we expect our special pricing to association members in those states will influence them to try HCIN. Once they try video streaming, I am certain they will like it.”

Williams has reason to speak with certainty about the reaction he expects from busy home care executives and staff. He reports that his most recent survey reveals 100% viewer satisfaction and that nearly two-thirds of viewers report that they prefer a video-streamed seminar over a live event. “The number one factor folks cite for their high level of satisfaction is the convenience of viewing a seminar when and where they want to,” Williams notes, “free of air and hotel expenses.” He added that viewers also appreciate being able to pause presentations or view a particular portion of a session multiple times.

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