Friday, June 09, 2006

Michigan Physical Therapist Receives State Home Care Award

Canton, Mi---June 9, 2006---Nancy Malone, Canton resident and long-time physical therapist at United Home Health Services, was awarded the Spirit of Caring Award from the Michigan Home Health Association (MHHA) on May 11, 2006 during their annual conference in Traverse City. According to MHHA, this prestigious honor is only given occasionally, as it is reserved for an individual whose contribution to home care is considered to be unique and of extraordinary value.

Nancy was nominated for this award by her supervisor Lynn Lariviere. “Nancy has consistently demonstrated excellence in her profession and leadership qualities. She goes the extra mile in everything she does, including her relationships with her patients”, remarks Lynn, Rehabilitation Coordinator at United. “ Nancy is a wonderful, caring person and an outstanding therapist. She has been such an asset to United Home Health Services. We are so thrilled that she has been recognized with this high honor.”

Stephen's Note: Our research shows that "appreciation and recognition" is the number one characteristic of a "great place to work" in home care. Creating a culture where your leadership team regularly recognizes staff members for their contribution is key to staff satisfaction and retention. Nominating your staff members for state or national awards is one small thing you can do to show your appreciation.

I was at the awards luncheon in Michigan when this award was presented, and I saw the expression on Nancy's face when she received this award. It's amazing what a wall plaque, a free lunch, and some applause will do, not only for the award winning employee, but for the rest of your staff as well.

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  1. Stephen,
    You are right about what recognition can do in the work place. United Home Health Services has always been very conscientious when it comes to recognizing work well done. Many people have continued to work at United for 20 plus years. Part of who I am today is because of United.
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