Monday, July 16, 2007

Another look at the Uninsured in America

A friend sent me a link to a web site with a video giving some facts about the 44 million uninsured people in America. I found it interesting and thought you might like to see it as well.

Take a look at .

Click on the play button below the video window to play the video.

What do you think? Comment below.

I think this is an interesting perspective and one that causes us to look more closely at the cost of healthcare insurance in America and why is costs so much. It affects us because so many of the uninsured working poor are home care aides and non-medical caregivers. We'd find it much easier to recruit and hire home care aides and caregivers if we were able to find an affordable solution for health insurance.

I've been watching the developments in Massachusetts, where the state legislature passed a law requiring all residents to have health insurance, and requiring all employers to provide health insurance or pay into a state fund. It's still pretty early in the implementation of this law, so we don't yet know the outcome.

Do we have any readers from Massachusetts who can give us a perspective on this new law? Comment below.

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