Saturday, July 21, 2007

Mayo Clinic Offers Home Care Advice

The highly respected and world renown Mayo Clinic is a supporter of home health care services. They recently posted a page on their web site offering advice to consumers on how to choose the best provider of home care services.

Here's a link to the site: May Clinic Home Care

One thing you may want to consider is posting a link to this site on your web site. Linking back to Mayo Clinic gives your patients and referral sources an objective source of information.

You can also use this in your home care sales efforts. Have your sales representatives encourage referral sources to visit the Mayo Clinic site.

All of this presumes that your agency is the one that patients or referral sources would choose after following the Mayo Clinic's advice.

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  1. Anonymous9:47 PM

    The Mayo Clinic link is great for private duty or home health, however I found it somewhat disappointing in the hospice care arena ( ). The site alludes to end of life as a recognition of last moments rather than last months. I find it disturbing that we are still lagging in understanding the hospice concept of care that is most beneficial in the 6 months or so prior to death. Final minutes are rarely a time for hospice staff to build lasting relationships with caregivers. If the bond is not made, bereavement support and grief work are not optimized. Without "time" the patient's quality of life is not optimized. Physicians readily admit a lack of "communicating bad news" training. Professionals extend options to care that are more burdensome than beneficial due to lack of confidence that the family and patient can deal with the truth. It is great to see the Mayo Clinic as a reference for rehab services but for hospice I still find major educational and medical systems lacking in knowledge. I rely on the National Home Care and Hospice Assoc for most information and highly recommend Dr. Ira Byock's site, I enjoy your comments and would like very much to see more inclusion of hospice care in your articles.

    Robin Watts