Monday, May 05, 2008

Dental Care at Home

In my Google Alert email the other day, I saw a posting for a new home care service ... dentistry. Dr. Mark Thomasson, DDS, of Madison, Tennessee has set up a mobile dental office in a truck to take his practice to patient's homes.

According to Dr. Thomasson, "On-Site Dental Services offers "Gentle Dental" services directly to you in the comfort of your home or retirement setting. Many people are diligent about maintaining their dental health but due to life's circumstances are no longer able to travel to their dentist for their care. Our goal is to help our patients maintain good oral health for their lifetime."

Another example of the huge potential for home health care.

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1 comment:

  1. Brilliant! This is a great example of taking an existing offer and extending it to a new audience (the homebound patient).

    We may not be able to offer that service ourselves, but we can look up others locally who may be providing that service for the sake of looking for ways to help each other and our clients/patients.

    - Tim Colling
    A Servant's Heart Senior Care(R)