Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gentiva Refocuses on Home Health Care for the Elderly

Gentiva Health Services, Inc. a leading provider of home health services, announced that it has entered into an Agreement for the sale of six branch offices in four cities that specialize in pediatric home health care. These offices comprise more than 80% of Gentiva's current pediatric care operations. Gentiva has deteremined that pediatric home health care will not be a core focus of the company's offerings.

What is your core focus? Have you clearly defined what business you are in, and more importantly what businesses you are NOT it? One of the factors that has made the large home health care companies like Gentiva and Amedisys so successful is their ability to define their core business, and their willingness to revisit their core business decisions regularly.

What are you and your executive team doing to refocus your core? What major decisions have you had regarding the focus of your home health business? Give us your comments below.

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