Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Gadgets for Senior Assistance and Entertainment

Lure crowds during your next health fair by offering a free raffle on some fun and functional electronics for seniors. Listed below are brief descriptions of some products available for the elderly in your community.

Easy-to-read simple cell phone for seniors to help them keep in touch with friends and family.

Electronic library that holds downloadable e-books. This product comes with a variety of built-in audio options that may help visually impaired seniors enjoy book reading.

This electronic day planner lets busy family members upload photographs, check appointments, and messages at the touch of a button.

These senior friendly computers, a product of HP and Microsoft, are designed to make everyday computer tasks easier. They also come with a variety of memory games and a prescription planner.

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  1. Hi..My name is Scott Lara. I have been in the home health industry for over 14 yrs now and have met Stephen on several occasions. I would appreciate more stories on how those of us in Florida can now compete since the law has been changed where we can give out pens or do lunches!

    Scott Lara